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Building for a Greener Tomorrow.

We have been setting our values and holding up the standards within the industry for the last ten years. We believe the best deliveries come from meticulous planning and attention to detail. Growing with the world as new technology evolves is what sets us apart in the industry. Our builds will continue to learn and grow as we find new ways to adapt to tomorrow's norms. Our approach to analyzing all aspects and possible situations helps us build your project with confidence.

Finding Innovations

Our hunger for discovering new operations and technologies used in the construction process has driven us to seek stronger characters in the industry. We have been developing and finding new ways to incorporate never-before-seen technologies on construction sites. We are here to transform today, getting society ready for tomorrow's builds.

Meet The Team

Scott Chung


Antonios Simos

Project Coordination Manager

Member of the AIA. 35 plus years in Architecture. Antonios immigrated from Greece when he was 7 years old and grew up in Las Vegas. Attended UNLV and Graduated from ASU with a BS in Architecture. Notable work at Robert Earl and Associates Architects, West Hollywood, CA.  Archeon International Group Los Angeles, CA. Heritage Group Architects Glendale, and at TCS for the past 6 years as Project Manager.

Jhon Lee

Project Executive, Co-Founder

Jhon began his career as an electrical engineer after graduating and working from South Korea. He also has many years of experience in business, and now he is a co-founder and a prime contractor of TCS Building Solution Inc. Jhon works closely with our estimators, project managers, and superintendents in the field. Additionally, he is the project executive who works directly with our clients and operates more significant decisions.

Ara Melikeystyan

Project Quality Consultant

Ara has been working in the design industry for over 42 years now. He attended Moscow Architectural Institute and Yerevan Polytechnical University to learn about architecture where he gained his Ph.D. Ara has been with several prestigious companies for years before joining our team.

At The Code Solution, Ara helps out with many different projects scopes and sizes with meticulous care.

Dean Song

Project Manager

Dean began his career at a painting and interior design firm for five years upon graduating from the University of California Santa Barbara. He then started construction as a project engineer and field manager for five more years.  He is now involved with project take-offs to complete a project operation and many of our project managers. Dean always finds a unique conceptual value to each project to surpass our clients' needs and expectations with an aesthetic background.

construction management for real estate development
Construction development for real estate project
Home Renovation and construction management for real estate development
Architect on Building Site for construction
Sustainable Materials
Modern Technology Integrations
One Team of Experts

We source our materials from the very best to ensure all parts of our builds are sustainable and equitable. Assuring you quality every step of the way. We aim to utilize all our resources and space the best we can to build a more sustainable tomorrow.

We integrate modern technology into our building sites to showcase new types of operations in the construction industry. Design that is long lasting, bold, modern and to serve multiple purposes

Our attention to detail is what we believe drives our quality aspect in our builds. Allowing us to prepare for the unforeseen. Analyzing every situation and facing anything head on with the proper tactics to get your project to its desired purpose. 

A team composed of only the best in each field will find the perfect building solution for your development project. Our diverse team provides projects valuable insight of our combined expertise.

Construction materials for real estate development
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