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Alcazar Suites is the smart home living concept that connects, automates, and protects with modern-day technology and materials to give each resident a unique experience 

Our designs are derived from our foundations, finding the right materials and designs to support the style of living, no matter the type. Living spaces' quality is not justified by the designs and materials but also by the evolving technology. 

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Recent Projects

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6830 Sunset

533 Nelson

3415 Bellvue

101 Western

4465 Melrose

6753 Selma

904 Normandie

3040 7th

1816 Los Feliz

Jed Jeong, Architectural Designer

1006 Edinburg

Jed Jeong, Architectural Designer

1000 Edinburg

Jed Jeong, Architectural Designer

Monterey - South Pasadena

Simon Liu, Project Designer

Senior Affordable Housing

631 Catalina

3500 W 1st

4541 Santa Monica

720 Alexandria

954 Catalina

627 Juanita

2821 San Marino

1517 W 12th

165 Sierra Bonita

Jaclyn Jabanto, architectural Designer, Dong Li, Architectural designer


Jaclyn Jabanto, Architectural Designer

Community Center

Giang Phung, Architectural Designer, Dong Li, Architectural Designer

Firmin - Los Angeles

Oliver Ladia, Project Manager

566 San Juan

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